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Fellowship Governance & Administration


The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans is governed by a Board of Trustees. Its ten members were chosen to provide an understanding of higher education, selection processes, and the operation of a charitable trust. Its members are:

Peter A. Georgescu
Chairman Emeritus
Young & Rubicam Inc.

Ann Kirschner
University Dean
Macauley Honors College

David E. McKinney
Executive Secretary
Thomas J. Watson Foundation

N.J. Nicholas Jr.
Investor and volunteer

Daisy M. Soros
Philanthropist and volunteer

Jeffrey P. Soros

Peter R. Soros
Financial Adviser

Paul Holdengraber
Director of Public Programs
"LIVE from the NYPL" at New York Public Library

Dena Simmons
Associate Director of School Initiatives
Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Kenneth Buckfire
President & Managing Director
Miller Buckfire


Craig Harwood, Director

Yulian Ramos, Deputy Director

Nikka Beaugard, Communications Coordinator

Maneesha Bhugwansing, Program Assistant