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Fellows' Publications

Working Papers

Author Description Type Date
Darryl Li Abrahams, Fred; Garlasco, Marc; Li, Darryl. Razing Rafah: Mass Home Demolitions in the Gaza Strip. New York: Human Rights Watch, 2004. Working Papers 2004
Eugene Mazo Mazo, Eugene. "Post-Communist Paradox: How the Rise of Parliamentarianism Coincided with the Demise of Pluralism in Moldova." Stanford Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law Working Paper Series, No. 17 (August 2004). Working Papers 2004
Zaw Thet Thet, Zaw. "Better Networks, Better Sales." (Industry Whitepaper). Working Papers 2003
Supinda Bunyavanich Bunyavanich, S. "Environmental Studies at Japan's National Institute of Public Health: Investigations of Drinking Water and Environmental Health Concerns." National Science Foundation, 2001: Special Scientific Report #01-07. Working Papers 2001
Darryl Li King, Bo; Li, Darryl; Rajkumar, Rahul. "Abandoned and Betrayed: Afghan Refugees Under UNHCR Protection in New Delhi." New Delhi: South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre, 1999. Working Papers 1999