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Fellows' Publications


Author Description Type Date
Lei Liang Liang, L. "Xunzhao geren yu mizu de shengyin, zhujian'er jiaoxiangyue zuopin de tezheng" ("In Search for an Individualistic and Nationalistic Voice: Zhu Jian-er's Symphonic Works", Renmin Yinyue, vol. 465 (2005, no.1): 23-27 Articles 2005
Mariangela Lisanti "The Design of Long Range Quantum Electrodynamical Forces and Torques between Macroscopic Bodies," (invited review paper) co-authored with Iannuzzi D, Munday J, Capasso F, Solid State Communications 135 (2005): 618. Articles 2005
Mariangela Lisanti "Observation of the Skin-Depth Effect on the Casimir Force between Metallic Surfaces," first author, co-authored with Iannuzzi D, Capasso F, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (2005): 11989. Articles 2005
Conor Liston Casey BJ, Tottenham N, Liston C, Durston S. "Imaging the developing brain: What have we learned?" Trends in Cognitive Science 2005;9:104-110. Articles 2005
Daniel Lu Binder, D.K., Lu, D.C., Barbaro, N.M. "Multiple root avulsions from the brachial plexus: A Case Study." Journal of Neurosurgery 19, 13-19 (2005). Articles 2005
Theodore Marentis Marentis TC, Kusler B, Yaralioglu GG, Liu S, Hæggström EO, and Khuri-Yakub BT, "Microfluidic sonicator for real-time disruption of eukaryotic cells and bacterial spores for DNA analysis," Ultrasound Med Biol. 2005 Sep; 31(9): 1265-1277. Articles 2005
Kedar Mate Kim, JY., Shakow, A., Mate, K., Vanderwarker, C., Farmer, PE. "Limited Goods and Limited Minds: Multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis and Global Health Policy." Social Science & Medicine. Aug 2005; 61(4): 847-59. Articles 2005
Eugene Mazo Mazo, Eugene. "Constitutional Roulette: The Russian Parliament's Battles with the President over Appointing a Prime Minister."Stanford Journal of International Law. Winter 2005;41:1. Articles 2005
Jennifer Nou Nou, Jennifer and Timmins, Christopher, "How do Changes in Welfare Law Affect Domestic Violence? An Analysis of Connecticut Towns, 1990-2000," 34 J. Legal Stud. 445 (2005). Articles 2005
Shantanu Nundy Chandra, Amitabh, Shantanu Nundy, and Seth A. Seabury. "The Growth Of Physician Medical Malpractice Payments: Evidence From The National Practitioner Data Bank." Health Affairs 24 (2005): 240-249. Articles 2005
Nneoma Nwogu Nwogu, N. "Diaspora Peoples/Hometown Associations, Nation-States and Development." University of Michigan Journal of Public Affairs. Spring 2005. Articles 2005
Thomas Ort Thomas Ort, "Memories of Resistance," New York Consortium for European Studies, December 2005. Articles 2005
Akilesh Palanisamy Palanisamy, A., et al. "Central Nervous System Aspergillosis In an Immunocompetent Patient: Cure in a Hospice Setting with Very High-Dose Itraconazole." American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Care. March 2005. Articles 2005
Parag Pathak Pathak, P. "The Boston Public Schools Match." American Economic Review. May 2005. Forthcoming. Articles 2005
Parag Pathak Pathak, P. "The New York City High School Match." American Economic Review. May 2005. Forthcoming. Articles 2005