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Fellows' Publications


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Robert Wayne Yeh Foo, S.Y., Everett, B.M., Criss, D., Yeh, R.W., Van Cott, E.M., Laposata, M., Jang, I.K. "The Prevalence of Heparin/Platelet Factor 4 Antibody In Patients Presenting for Cardiac Catheterization." Amercan College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session, March 2005. Articles 2005
Deborah Yeh Chong Kim, J., Yeh, D.C., Ver, M., Li, Y., Carranza, A., Conrads, T.P., Veenstra, T.C., Harrington, M.A., Quon, M.J. "Phosphorylation of SER 24 in the PH domain of IRS-1 by mPLK/IRAK: Cross-talk between inflammatory signaling and insulin signaling that may contribute to insulin resistance." Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2005 Apr 22. Articles 2005
Corinna Zygourakis KS Bohl-Masters, EA Lipke, EH Rice, MS Liehl, HA Myler, C Zygourakis, DA Tulis, and J West, "Nitric Oxide-Generating Hydrogels Inhibit Neointima Formation," Journal of Biomaterials Science, 16(5): 659-672 (2005). Articles 2005
Achal Achrol Halim AX, Johnston SC, Singh V, McCulloch CE, Bennett JP, Achrol AS, Sidney S, Young WL "Longitudinal risk of intracranial hemorrhage in patients with arteriovenous malformation of the brain within a defined population." Stroke. 2004 Jul; 35(7):1697-702. Articles 2004
Achal Achrol Pawlikowska L, Tran MN, Achrol AS, McCulloch CE, Ha C, Lind DL, Hashimoto T, Zaroff JG, Lawton MT, Marchuk DA, Kwok PY, Young WL "Polymorphisms in genes involved in inflammatory and angiogenic pathways and the risk of hemorrhagic presentations of brain arteriovenous malformations." Stroke. 2004 Oct; 35(10):2294-300. Articles 2004
Carlos Barrezueta "El Solitario Clamor del Hambre en el Mundo" ("The Lonely Clamor of World's Hunger"), Linkages. Noticias del Programa de Yale . Noticias do Programa de Yale 2/2 (November 2004): 11-12. Articles 2004
Carlos Barrezueta "Por qué las elecciones de EU son las Elecciones de Todos?" ("Why Should We Consider the Elections in the US the World's Elections?") La Prensa, September 19, 2004. Articles 2004
Carlos Barrezueta "Candidato Demócrata, Sólido en el Debate: Los Estadounidenses Deciden, el Mundo Observa con Atención" ("Democratic Candidate Solid in Debate: Americans Decide, the World Watches Attentively"), La Prensa (Panamá), October 3, 2004 Articles 2004
Alvaro Bedoya Bedoya, Alvaro. "Welcome to the First World" (Spanish), Punto de Equilibrio, April-June 2004. Articles 2004
Boris Bershteyn Bershteyn, Boris "An Article I, Section 7 Perspective on Administrative Law Remedies." Yale Law Journal. 2004;114:359. Articles 2004
Dora Castañeda Reddy DS, Castañeda DC, O'Malley BW, Rogawski, MA. "Anticonvulsant activity of progesterone and neurosteroids in progesterone receptor knockout mice." Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics. 2004 Jul; 310 (1): 230-239. Articles 2004
Constance Chen Chen, C.M., White, C., Warren, S.M., Cole, J., and Isik, F.F. "Simplifying the vertical reduction mammaplasty." Plastic Reconstrive Surgery. 2004;113(1):162-172. Articles 2004
Ming Hsu Chen Chen, M.H. "Two Wrongs Make a Right: Hybrid Claims of Discrimination." NYU Law Review. 2004;79:685. Articles 2004
Ronald Chen Ronald Chen & Jon Hanson, "The Illusion of Law: The Legitimating Schemas of Modern Policy and Corporate Law," 103 University of Michigan Law Review 1 (2004). Articles 2004
Ronald Chen Ronald Chen & Jon Hanson, "Categorically Biased: The Influence of Knowledge Structures on Law and Legal Theory," 77 University of Southern California Law Review 1103 (2004). Articles 2004