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Fellows' Publications


Author Description Type Date
Vivek Murthy Murthy, V.H., Krumholz, H.M., Gross, C.P. "Participation in Cancer Clinical Trials:Race, Sex, Age-Based Disparities." Journal of the American Medical Association. 2004; 291:2720-2726. Articles 2004
Vivek Murthy Gross, C.P., Murthy, V., Li, Y., Kaluzny, A.D., Krumholz, H.M. "Cancer Trial Enrollment After State-Mandated Reimbursement." Journal of the National Cancer Institute 2004;96:1063รป9. Articles 2004
Sze-Ling Ng Guo, D., Hazbun, T., Xu, X., Ng, S.-L., Fields, S., and Kuo, M.-H. "A tethered catalysis two-hybrid system to identify protein-protein interactions requiring post-translational modifications." Nature Biotechnology, 2004 Jul;22(7):888-92. Articles 2004
Ephrem Olweny "Comprehensive Evaluation of Ureteral Healing After Electrosurgical Endopyelotomy in a Porcine Model: Original Report and Review of the Literature," co-authored with Andreoni CR, Lin HK, Landman J, Lee D, Bostwick D, Clayman RV, Journal of Urology (2004): 859-69. Articles 2004
Ephrem Olweny "Laparoscopic Mid-sagittal Hemicystectomy and Bladder Reconstruction with Small Intestinal Submucosa and Reimplantation of Ureter into Small Intestinal Submucosa: 1-year Followup," co-authored with Landman J, Sundaram CP, Andreoni C, Collyer WC, Rehman J, Jerde TJ, Lin HK, Lee DI, Nunlist EH, Humphrey PA, Nakada SY, Clayman RV, Journal of Urology (2004): 2450-5. Articles 2004
Ephrem Olweny "Prospective Comparison of the Immunological and Stress Response Following Laparoscopic and Open Surgery for Localized Renal Cell Carcinoma," co-authored with Landman J, Sundaram CP, Chen C, Rehman J, Lee DI, Shalhav A, Portis A, McDougall EM, Clayman RV, Journal of Urology (2004): 1456-60. Articles 2004
Michael Pacold Hirsch C, Misaghi S, Blom D, Pacold ME, Ploegh HL. "Yeast N-glycanase distinguishes between native and non-native glycoproteins." EMBO Reports 2004:5: 201-206. Articles 2004
Michael Pacold Misaghi, S.*, Pacold, M. E.*, Blom, D., Ploegh, H. L. and Korbel, G. A. "Using a small molecule inhibitor of peptide: N-glycanase to probe its role in glycoprotein turnover." Chem. Biol. 2004;11: 1677-1687. Articles 2004
Antonio Perez Bachrach E, Li S, Perez AL, Schienda J, Liadaki K, Volinski J, Flint A, Chamberlain J, Kunkel LM. "Systemic Delivery of Human Microdystrophin to Regenerating Mouse Dystrophic Muscle by Muscle Progenitor Cells." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 2004, 101:3581. Articles 2004
Ngoc Thi Phan Si, Z.H., Gorry, P., Babcock, G., Owens, C.M., Cayabyab, M., Phan, N. and Sodroski, J. "Envelope glycoprotein determinants of increased entry in a pathogenic simian-human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV-HXBc2P 3.2) passaged in monkeys." AIDS Research & Human Retroviruses. 2004;20(2):163-73. Articles 2004
Ngoc Thi Phan Song, B., Cayabyab, M., Phan, N., Wang, L., Axthelm, M.K., Letvin, N.L., Sodroski, J.G. "Neutralization sensitivity of a simian-human immunodeficiency virus (SHIV-HXBc2P 3.2N) isolated from an infected rhesus macaque with neurological disease." Virology. 2004;322(1):168. Articles 2004
Ngoc Thi Phan Si, Z., Madani, N., Cox, J.M., Chruma, J.J., Klein, J.C., Schon, A., Phan, N., Wang, L., Biorn, A.C., Cocklin, S., Chaiken, I., Freire, E., Smith, A.B., Sodroski, J.G. "Small-molecule inhibitors of HIV-1 entry block receptor-induced conformational changes in the viral envelope glycoproteins." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2004;101(14):5036. Articles 2004
Harsha S. Reddy Tabin, G.C., Gurung, R., Paudyal, G., Reddy, H.S., Hobbs, C., Wiedman, M.S., Ruit, S. "Penetrating Keratoplasty in Nepal." Cornea. August 2004;23(6): 589-596. Articles 2004
Harsha S. Reddy Thakur, J., Reddy, H., Wilson, M.E., Paudyal, G., Gurung, R., Thapa, S., Tabin, G., and Ruit, S. "Pediatric Cataract Surgery in Nepal." Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery. 30 Aug 2004;8:1629-35. Articles 2004
Harsha S. Reddy Reddy, H.S., Srinivasulu, C., and K. Thulasi Rao. "Prey Selection by the Indian Tiger in NagarjunaSagar Srisailam Tiger Reserve, India." Mammalian Biology. 2004;69:1-8. Articles 2004