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Fellows' Publications


Author Description Type Date
Susie Huang S. Y. Huang, Y.-Y. Lin, "Computational and Experimental Studies of Spin Chaos in Magnetic Resonance," Proc. SPIE 5200, 156-164 (2003). Articles 2003
Maryana F. Iskander "Methodology Matters," co-authored with Bashi S, 53 Journal of Legal Education, 505, (2003). Articles 2003
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Ravi Kamath Lee, S.S., Lee, R.Y.N., Fraser, A.G., Kamath, R.S., Ahringer, J., Ruvkun, G. "A systematic RNAi screen identifies a critical role for mitochondria in C. elegans longevity." Nature Genetics. 2003; 33: 40-48. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Kamath, R.S., Fraser, A.G., Dong, Y., Poulin, G., Durbin, R., Gotta, M., Kanapin, A., Le Bot, N., Moreno, S., Sohrmann, M., Welchman, D.P., Zipperlen, P., Ahringer, J. "Systematic functional analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans genome using RNAi." Nature. 2003; 421: 231-237. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Ashrafi, K., Chang, F.Y., Watts, J.L., Fraser, A.G., Kamath, R.S., Ahringer, J., Ruvkun, G. "Genome-wide RNAi analysis of Caenorhabditis elegans fat regulatory genes." Nature. 2003; 421: 268-272. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Pothof, J., van Haaften, G., Thijssen, K., Kamath, R.S., Fraser, A.G., Ahringer, J., Plasterk, R.H.A., Tijsterman, M. "Identification of genes that protect the C. elegans genome against mutations by genome-wide RNAi." Genes & Development. 2003; 17: 438-442. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Murphy, C.T., McCarroll, S.A., Bargmann, C.I., Fraser, A.G., Kamath, R.S., Ahringer, J., Li, H., Kenyon, C. "Genes that act downstream of DAF-16 to influence the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans." Nature. 2003; 424: 277-284. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Vastenhouw, N.L., Fischer, S.E.J., Robert, V.J.P., Thijssen, K.L., Fraser, A.G., Kamath, R.S., Ahringer, J., Plasterk, R.H.A. "A genome-wide screen identifies 27 genes involved in transposon silencing in C. elegans." Current Biology. 2003; 13: 1311-1316. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Simmer, F., Moorman, C., van der Linden, A.M., Kuijk, E., Van den Berghe, P.V.E., Kamath, R.S., Fraser, A.G., Ahringer, J., Plasterk, R.H.A. "Genome-wide RNAi of C. elegans using the hypersensitive rrf-3 strain reveals novel gene functions." Public Library of Science Biology.2003;1:77-84. Articles 2003
Ravi Kamath Stein, L.D., Bao, Z., Blasiar, D., Blumenthal, T., Brent, M.R., Chen, N., Chinwalla, A., Clarke, L., Clee, C., Coghlan, A., Coulson, A., D'Eustachio, P., Fitch, D.H.A., Fulton, L.A., Fulton, R.E., Griffiths-Jones, S., Harris, T.W., Hillier, L.W., Kamath, R., Kuwabara, P.E., Mardis, E.R., Marra, M.A., Miner, T.L., Minx, P., Mullikin, J.C., Plumb, R.W., Rogers, J., Schein, J.E., Sohrmann, M., Spieth, J., Stajich, J.E., Wei, C., Willey, D., Wilson, R.K., Durbin, R., Waterston, R.H. "The genome sequence of Caenorhabditis briggsae: a platform for comparative genomics." Public Library of Science Biology 2003; 1: 166-192. Articles 2003
Chimene Keitner Keitner, C. and Reisman, W.M. "Free Association: The United States Experience." Texas Internationall Law Journal. 2003;39:1. Articles 2003
Chimene Keitner Keitner, C. "Associate Statehood: Principles and Prospects." Faroese Law Review. 2003;3:13. Articles 2003
Chimene Keitner Keitner, C. "The Challenge of Building an Inter-Communal Rule of Law in Helen Hunt Jackson's Ramona." Law & Literature 2003;15;53. Articles 2003
Hosein Kouros-Mehr "Proteomic Profiling of the NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines Using New High-Density Reverse-Phase Lysate Microarrays," co-authored with Nishizuka S, Charboneau L, Young L, Major S, Reinhold WC, Waltham M, Bussey KJ, Lee JK, Espina V, Munson PJ, Petricoin E III, Liotta LA, Weinstein JN, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100/24 (November 2003): 14229-34. Articles 2003