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Fellows' Publications


Author Description Type Date
Conor Liston Liston C, Kagan J. "Memory enhancement in early childhood." Nature 2002; 419:896. Articles 2002
Daniel Lu Galvan, V., Chen, S., Lu, D.C., Logvinova, A., Goldsmith, P., Koo, E.H., Bredesen, D.E. "Caspase cleavage of members of the amyloid precursor family of proteins." Journal of Neurochemistry. 2002;82:283-294. Articles 2002
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Ephrem Olweny "Effect of Single-Dose Subarachnoid Spinal Anesthesia on Pain and Recovery After Unilateral Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy," co-authored with Andreoni C, Portis AJ, Sundaram CP, Monk T, Clayman RV, Journal of Endourology (2002): 721-5. Articles 2002
Ephrem Olweny "Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy with a Novel Electrosurgical Snare in a Porcine Model," co-authored with Collyer WC, Landman J, Andreoni C, Kibel A, Andriole GL, Bostwick DG, Sundaram CP, Clayman RV, Journal of Endourology (2002): 673-9. Articles 2002
Ephrem Olweny "Evaluation of the Use of a Biodegradable Ureteral Stent After Retrograde Endopyelotomy in a Porcine Model," first author, co-authored with Landman J, Andreoni C, Collyer W, Kerbl K, Onciu M, Valimaa T, Clayman RV, Journal of Urology (2002): 2198-202. Articles 2002
Thomas Ort Ort, T. "A Rebours in Brooklyn: The Makropulos Case at BAM." Slovo. Spring 2002. Articles 2002
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Ngoc Thi Phan Cayabyab, M., Henson, S., Phan, N., Yang, P., Rhone, D., Axthelm, M., Letvin, N. and Sodroski, J. "Changes in the HIV-1 env account for macrophage tropism of SHIV variants isolated from the brain of an infected rhesus macaque that developed neurologic disease." Keystone Symposia. HIV Pathogenesis: HIV-1 Protection and Control by Vaccination. April 2002. Articles 2002
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Erica Shenoy Seiguer, Erica. "Interview with N. Regina Rabinvich, Director, Malaria Vaccine Initiative." Harvard Health Policy Review. Fall 2002;3:2. Articles 2002