P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans


David Mou, 2011

MD, Harvard University

David Mou is the child of immigrants from China

Fellowship awarded to support work towards an MD in Medicine at Harvard University

DAVID MOU is a student in Harvard's joint MD/MBA program.

David was born in Cincinnati to parents from China and Taiwan.

David graduated from Harvard College with honors in neurobiology in 2008, supported by Gates Millennium and Horatio Alger National scholarships.

At HArvard, David won the Hoopes Prize for an outstanding senior thesis. He then received a fellowship from the Paris School of Neuroscience to conduct research on auditory neural circuitry.

Through an organization David co-directs -- Improvehealthcare.org -- he organized a health policy conference which was attended by medical students from many schools. He recently conducted a survey on the state of health policy curriculum in medical schools which has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine. He has spoken about his health policy writing on a CBS talk-radio show.

David is a co-founder and CEO of Scholarlocker.com, a company that allows medical students efficiently to share notes and other resources. The firm has been offered venture capital investments for further development and expansion.

  • MBA Business | Harvard University 2014
  • MD Medicine | Harvard University 2014
  • BA Neurobiology | Harvard University 2008
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