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George Farah, 2004

Handley Farah & Anderson, Partner

George Farah is an immigrant from Lebanon

Fellowship awarded to support work towards a JD in Law at Harvard University

GEORGE FARAH is a founder and partner of Handley Farah & Anderson, a progressive law firm committed to the pursuit of justice. In that capacity, he develops and litigates cases against powerful corporate interests that have wrongly harmed vulnerable population groups. He represents low-income workers deprived of wages, victims of human rights abuses, consumers deceived about products, whistleblowers who uncover fraud, and women and communities of color subject to discrimination. He often collaborates with nonprofit organizations to uncover corporate misconduct and identify viable legal claims.

George has also zealously engaged in pro bono litigation to safeguard democracy and protect human rights. For example, he sued President Trump for violating the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution; represented Holocaust survivors against companies who profited from Nazi-era slave labor; obtained political asylum for applicants who were tortured in Nepal; and represented Greenpeace against corporations that spied on and infiltrated the nonprofit.

In addition to litigating, George has advocated for policies to strengthen democracy and address income inequality. He previously founded and directed the nonprofit Open Debates to improve the presidential debate process; served as Treasurer and General Counsel of the Campaign for a Living Wage; and reported on the harms of media concentration at The Center for the Study of Responsive Law. He currently serves on the board of The Modern Classrooms Project, which improves education for low-income students, and on the board of the American Independent Business Alliance, which supports locally-owned businesses and the communities in which they operate.

George is the author of the book No Debate: How the Republican and Democratic Parties Secretly Control the Presidential Debates from Seven Stories Press. His articles on legal and electoral issues have appeared in  The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Extra! Magazine, The Denver Post, Antitrust Magazine, and other publications. He has appeared on dozens of television and radio programs to discuss legal and political matters, including “Nightline,” “20/20,” “NOW with Bill Moyers,” “CBS Evening News,” “NBC Nightly News,” “CNN Lou Dobbs Tonight,” “Lester Holt Live,” and “Countdown.”

Born in Beirut in 1978 and a naturalized citizen, George received his BA in public and international policy from Princeton University in 2000 and his J.D. from Harvard Law School in 2005. 

  • JD Law | Harvard University 2005
  • BA Public and International Policy | Princeton University 2000
Work History
  • Partner, Handley Farah & Anderson
  • Cohen Milstein, Partner
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