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P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans

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Shelli Farhadian, 2007

MD, Cornell University

Shelli Farhadian is a New American

Fellowship awarded to support work towards an MD in Medicine at Cornell University

SHELLI FARHADIAN is a resident in Internal Medicine at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Shelli's parents fled Iran after the Shah's fall and reside in New York City.

Shelli earned a MD/Ph.D. program from Weill Cornell Medical College and the Rockefeller University. she earned a BS in mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2003, and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to India to conduct genetics research.

During her undergraduate career at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Shelli conducted research on population genetics and disease, working in several different labs at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Oxford University, Yale University, and BioTransplant, Inc. She has co-authored three publications as a result of this research. While competing her graduate work, Shelli was engaged in a program that educates medical students about reproductive health and was a founding member of Female Association for Clinicians, Educators, and Scientists (FACES), an organization that fosters professional mentoring of students by female physician-scientists.

While in New York, Shelli founded the Cornell Center for Human Rights, a medical clinic that evaluates asylum applicants for physical and psychological signs of torture, and trains physicians and students in health advocacy for asylum applicants.