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P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans

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Valentin Bolotnyy, 2013

PhD, Harvard University

Valentin Bolotnyy is an immigrant from Ukraine

Fellowship awarded to support work towards a PhD in Economics at Harvard University

Valentin was born to Jewish parents in Ukraine who opted for refugee status in the United States when Valentin was eight. A lackluster student in Ukraine, he was determined not to let his family's sacrifices go to waste. Hard work led to academic success and an internship with Congressman Tom Lantos.

Valentin won admission to Stanford, where he chaired the university's most prominent political organization, Stanford in Government. Following his graduation in 2011, he became a research assistant at the Federal Reserve Board's Office of Financial Stability.

When his family was caught in the economic crisis of 2008, Valentin's budding interest in economic analysis became his scholarly passion. His award-winning honors thesis for his BA in Economics explored the role of federal affordable housing goals in the growth of the subprime mortgage market. Praised as "One of the most outstanding, original and creative undergraduate honors theses in the recent history of Stanford," it led to presentations at the National Bureau of Economic Research and the Federal Reserve Board and to a publication in Real Estate Economics.

Valentin began working towards a PhD in Economics at Harvard in the fall of 2013.

  • BA Economics | Stanford University 2011
  • PhD Economics | Harvard University
  • Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • 5th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting on Economic Sciences, Attendance Scholarship
  • Beltran, Daniel, Valentin Bolotnyy, and Elizabeth Klee. 2015. “Un-Networking: The Evolution of Networks in the Federal Funds Market,” Federal Reserve Board of Governors Finance and Economics Discussion Paper Series, 2015-055.
  • Bolotnyy, Valentin. 2013. “The Government-Sponsored Enterprises and the Mortgage Crisis: The Role of the Affordable Housing Goals,” Real Estate Economics, Vol: 41, Issue 3.
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