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P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans

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The Opportunity You Shouldn't Pass Up: Apply

  • founded by immigrants
The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans application is now open.

We are looking for the 30 most promising New Americans who will go on to make a significant contribution to US society, culture, or their academic field. 

Every year, we support 30 New Americans—immigrants and children of immigrants—who are pursuing graduate school in the United States.

You must be planning to be enrolled full-time in a graduate program in the 2020-2021 academic year to apply in the fall of 2019. 

A Network of Immigrant Excellence

  • In its 20 year history, The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans has built a community of 625 immigrants and children of immigrants.

  • Nationalities: The Fellowship has supported New Americans with heritage in 89 countries. India, China, and Mexico are the most well represented.
  • Types of Immigrants: In addition to the children of immigrants, Green Card holders, and naturalized citizens, the Fellowship also supports individuals who have received refugee or asylum status, as well as immigrants who have graduated from both high school and college in the US, regardless of status (this includes DACA).
  • Age: All of our Fellows are 30 or younger when initially selected for the Fellowship. Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows from the 1998 class, the very first class, are now in their mid-careers.
  • Careers: Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows have pursued careers in medicine, science, law, policy, technology, business, government, non-profits, the arts, academia, and in many cases they have built their career across several sectors. 

Selection and Eligibility

Selection criteria focuses on accomplishments that show creativity, originality, and initiative in light of the challenges and opportunities that have been part of the applicant's immigration experience. The application is open to college seniors, students in the early stages of their graduate career, and those in the workforce who are seeking graduate training.

Eligible applicants must be 30 or younger and planning on being enrolled in a full-time graduate program in the 2020-2021 academic year. Please find the full eligibility requirements here.

Two important things to keep in mind about the November 1, 2019 deadline:

  1. We do not review applications on a rolling basis, so there is no advantage to submitting your application early. That being said, don't wait until the last minute; give yourself time to review. The application system runs slowly on the final due date because of all of the activity.
  2. All eligiblity requirements apply to the applicant's status on November 1, 2019. 
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Stay Up To Date

Applicants and potential applicants are encouraged to learn about the Fellow community through the Fellowship's website, regular e-mails, and informational webinars.

Potential applicants can also find more information on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

Sign up for our mailing list here.

Each week we hand our Instagram account over to a different Fellow to tell their New American story. Not sure where to start on your own New American essay for the application? Browsing past Instagram posts may help you think about ideas and stories from your own life.

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Information Sessions

If you are just learning about The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans, we invite you to join us for an online informational webinar about the program. In the webinar our staff will go over the history of the program, our selection critera and eligibility requirements, discuss the application process, and give an overview of what it's like to be a Fellow. Participants can also ask questions in advance or during the webinar. To view our webinar schedule and sign up, follow this link. We will continue to update the schedule throughout the spring, summer, and fall of 2019.  

In addition to online informational webinars, we also have in-person informational sessions at a small number of universities in the fall of each year. Once scheduled, those information sessions will be listed on the same page of the website as our webinars. We cover the same information in the in-person and online webinars information sessions.