P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans


    Submit Event

    If you are submitting an alumni event to the PDSFA please select “PDSFA (Alumni Association)”. If you are submitting an event that you would like the PD Soros Fellowship staff to promote on the PD Soros website, please select “P.D. Soros Fellowship Office”.

    Select if the event is on a single day, consecutive days, or repeats.
    The date, or starting date, of the event
    Please include the event location, the date/times, why you think it would be a good fit for Fellows, and if there is a connection to a Fellow or the Fellowship community.
    If you’re not sure how many Fellows will be able to come that’s fine. Please note if there is a maximum or minimum capacity.
    If it’s a ticketed event, please include the ticket price. If it’s a meal, provide a rough estimate of cost per person. If the price will change based on the number of people who attend please indicate that.
    We generally recommend using the Fellowship’s regional and professional listservs if applicable, as well as posting about the event in the Fellowship Facebook group.

    Thank you for your submission! We will review it soon.

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