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Caltech's Mikhail Shapiro (2004 Fellow) and Mohamed Abedi (2015 Fellow) on New Cell Research

“Bacteria can be designed to act like special agents fighting disease in our bodies. . . We’re building walkie-talkies for the cells so we can both listen and talk to them,” Mikhail Shapiro (2004 Fellow) explained in an interview with Caltech. Mikhail, a naturalized citizen who was born in Kolomna, Russia, has a new paper out in the journal Nature Chemical Biology. Mikhail is the head of the Shapiro Lab and an assistant professor of chemical engineering at California Institute of Technology - Caltech. Mohamad Abedi (2015 Fellow), another Paul & Daisy Soros Fellow, who is a graduate student working in Mikhail's lab, was a co-author on the paper. Mohamad was born to Palestinian refugees in the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about the lab's newest study: 


Scientists Engineer Therapeutic Bacteria to Listen to Us

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