P.D. Soros Fellowship for New Americans


Public Voices Fellowships: Year One's Successes

Introducing the inaugural collection of op-eds penned by the 2023 cohort of Public Voices Fellows, a partnership between The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships for New Americans and The OpEd Project. Representing a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and expertise, these twenty Paul & Daisy Soros Fellows were chosen from a competitive pool of over 60 applicants, all alumni of the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships. Throughout the year, these writers received unparalleled support, honed their leadership skills, and deepened their understanding of how to shape public discourse. The op-eds presented here reflect their dedication to influencing not only their respective fields but also the broader conversations shaping our society. Dive into this compilation to explore thought-provoking perspectives from the first year of the Public Voices Fellowship program:

  1. Jonah L. Lalas - Newsweek - "What's at Stake in the Writers Strike? Stories About Communities of Color" - Read more

  2. Maribel Hernandez Rivera - USA Today - "At border, I met mothers who asked US for help. Biden is sending them back to danger." - Read more

  3. Roxana Daneshjou - The Hill - "Worried about the dangers of AI? They’re already here." - Read more

  4. Aisha Saad - The Hill - "State Courts Can Curb the Climate Crisis" - Read more

  5. Eva Luo - Visible - "Why teaching Asian American representation matters to future generations" - Read more

  6. Deisy Del Real - Newsweek - "Don't Be Fooled by Biden's Plan for Migration Centers" - Read more

  7. Kartik Chandra - Inside Higher Ed - "What’s a Word Worth in the AI Era?" - Read more

  8. Gautam Mukunda - The Hill - "For better use of superdelegate power, give them a negative vote" - Read more

  9. Ming Chen - The Hill - "We can’t ignore Latino and Asian American voices in 2024" - Read more

  10. Aadel Chaudhuri - KevinMD - "The power of liquid biopsies and the challenge of health care disparities" - Read more

  11. Deisy Del Real - CALÓ NEWS - "The political violence of relocating immigrants" - Read more

  12. Wazhma Sadat - Foreign Policy - "Why Sanctions Against the Taliban Aren’t Working" - Read more

  13. Saúl Ramírez - CNN - "It’s time to bring these US military veterans home" - Read more

  14. Ming Chen - SF Chronicle - "DREAMers need jobs to pay for college. Public universities can help." - Read more

  15. Jason Bae - Harvard Public Health - "Let’s make social media a place for health education, not misinformation" - Read more

  16. Hari Srinivasan - Psychology Today - "Dignity Remains Elusive for Many Disabled People" - Read more

  17. Robert W. Fernandez - CALÓ NEWS - "SCOTUS ruling hurts Latinos in STEM" - Read more

  18. Jonah L. Lalas - The Progressive - "California Hotel Workers Are Fighting to Simply Afford to Live" - Read more

  19. Mill Etienne - Medpage - "AI Can Play a Role in Reducing Stroke Disparities" - Read more

  20. Hari Srinivasan - Fortune - "Flexible work critics are using the same arguments that were used against disabled ramps and closed captioning. Equity of access should never be optional" - Read more

  21. Jason Bae - SF Chronicle - "Why Taylor Swift and doctors like me share a problem that’s making our jobs impossible" - Read more

  22. Hari Srinivasan - Time - "Who Autism Research Leaves Out" - Read more

  23. Jonah L. Lalas - The Hill - "It ain’t no fun if the writers can’t have none" - Read more

  24. Hari Srinivasan - Newsweek - "A Dual Approach for Autism" - Read more

  25. Arun Mohan - New Thinking - "When Will AI Companies Get the Chance to Help Physicians?" - Read more

  26. Mill Etienne - Atlanta Journal Constitution - "Physician: From Blue Ivy to Ivy League, students of color need role models" - Read more

  27. Wendy De La Rosa - American Banker - "Don't exclude EBT accounts from the CFPB's data access rule" - Read more

  28. Robert W. Fernandez - Inside Higher Ed - "Tackling the Leaky Pipeline" - Read more

  29. Mill Etienne - Medscape - "Cruel Summer for Medical Students and Taylor Swift Fans" - Read more

  30. Aadel Chaudhuri - Medpage - "The Merry-Go-Round of Burned-Out Doctors" - Read more

  31. Jason Bae - SF Chronicle - "Doctor burnout is rampant. Online patient messaging portals aren’t helping" - Read more

  32. Ming Chen - The Progressive - "What the Supreme Court Got Wrong About Affirmative Action" - Read more

  33. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Study Links CTE To Young Athletes, But Rewards May Outweigh Risks" - Read more

  34. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Study Links Screens And Developmental Delays. Here’s How To Manage Device Time" - Read more

  35. Aadel Chaudhuri - Visible - "An unintended consequence of ending affirmative action: less faculty diversity" - Read more

  36. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "How To Fix Physician Burnout Before It’s Burned In" - Read more

  37. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Human Trials For Elon Musk’s Neuralink Offer New Hope, Neurologists Say" - Read more

  38. Robert W. Fernandez - USA Today - "Latino STEM leaders had major impact in science. Why aren't we taught about them?" - Read more

  39. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Epinephrine Nasal Spray Denied FDA Approval, Needs More Research" - Read more

  40. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Study Links Dementia To Oral Health. Let’s talk Oral-Brain Connection" - Read more

  41. Maribel Hernandez Rivera - Ms Magazine - "I Was Low-Income and Undocumented, But I Dreamed of College. Now I’m ACLU’s Deputy National Political Director." - Read more

  42. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Nobel Prize Goes To Scientists Who Paved The Way For Covid-19 Vaccine" - Read more

  43. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Haitian American Woman And Political Scholar Dr. Claudine Gay Is New Harvard President" - Read more

  44. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Childhood Experiences Alter Brain Development. A Neurologist Explains" - Read more

  45. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Avoid Stigma And Protect Patients: Why Disease Names Matter" - Read more

  46. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "33,425 Will Have A Stroke On World Stroke Day. Only 1,000 Will Get Lifesaving Treatments" - Read more

  47. Jonah L. Lalas - Newsweek - "The Media's Coverage of Striking Hotel Workers Needs To Change" - Read More

  48. Saúl Ramírez - Newsweek - "Deported Veterans Needs Mental Health Support" - Read More

  49. Renee Hsia - Stat - "Let's leverage graduate medical education to increase Medicaid re-enrollment" - Read More

  50. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Brooke Shields Had A Seizure. A Neurologist Explains What That Means" - Read More

  51. Kartik Chandra - The Messenger - "In the AI Era, Try Lending Students Art" - Read More

  52. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "The Future of Psychedelics Explaied by a Neurologist" - Read More

  53. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter in Home Hospice, A Neurologist Explains What That Means" - Read More

  54. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Despite OpenAI Shakeup, Augmented Reality Is Game-Changer, Neurosurgeons Say" - Read More

  55. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "War's Invisible Wounds On Children's Brains: A Neurologist Explains" - Read More

  56. Jason Bae - SF Chronicle - "The Golden Bachelor: How the Reality Show is Redefining Aging" - Read More

  57. Wazhma Sadat - Newsweek - "I Walked on Dead Bodies - Ceasefires Are Meaningless to Me" - Read More

  58. Renee Hsia - KevinMD - "How the NFL Offers a Window Into Health care Solutions for Our Country" - Read More

  59. Arun Mohan - KevinMD - "Physicians are burned out. Could entrepreneurship be a cure?" - Read More

  60. Renee Hsia - L.A. Times - "Same hospital, same injury, same child, same day: Why did one ER visit cost thousands more?" - Read More

  61. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Family of Georgia High School Baseball Player Left Brain Dead From Head Injury Prepares for Honor Walk" - Read More

  62. Jason Bae - San Francisco Chronicle - "California mandates paid sick leave. Why do blue-collar workers need a doctor's note to access it?" - Read More

  63. Gautam Mukunda - Barron's - "The Age of AI Still Requires a Human Touch" - Read More

  64. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Neck Holds, Ketamine And The Legacy of Elijah McClain: A Neurologist Explains" - Read More

  65. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Neurologist Offers 5 Ways to Optimize Brain Health in the New Year" - Read More

  66. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Medical Response to Japan's Massive New Year's Day Earthquake" - Read More

  67. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Death, Plane Crash And Disaster Response After New Year's Earthquake in Japan" - Read More

  68. Hari Srinivasan - TIME - "The Pervasive Loneliness of Autism" - Read More

  69. Robert W. Fernandez - Inside Higher Ed - "Retaining Students of Color in Grad School" - Read More

  70. Renee Hsia - SF Chronicle - "Anticompetitive behavior in rampant in health care. It's hurting consumers" - Read More

  71. Mill Etienne - Forbes - "Breathrough Alzheimer's Treatment Boosts Plaque-Clearning Drug Effectiveness, Study Finds" - Read More

  72. Ming Chen - The Emancipator (Boston Globe) - "We should end legacy admissions. But it won't make up for losing affirmative action." - Read More

  73. Aadel Chaudhuri - Medscape - "The Emerging Physician-Scientist Crisis in America" - Read More

  74. Jonah L. Lalas - TruthOut - "Costco Says It's Not Anti-Union. Unionized Workers Are Putting That to the Test" - Read More

  75. Jonah L. Lalas - The Hill - "Let it go Disney, Elsa Wants a Union" - Read More

  76. Ming Hsu Chen - The Sacramento Bee - "California cannot abandon undocumented students after UC regents cave to politics" - Read More

  77. Aisha Saad - Bloomberg Law - "Reforming Corporate Governance Is a Path to Better ESG Strategy" - Read More

  78. Hari Srinivasan - Psychology Today - "The Spectrum of Loss: Grief Through the Autistic Lens" - Read More

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